RIDATA/RITEK DVD-RW4.7GB/120MIN Rewritable Discs 6X Full Logo (Branded) Surface 25pcs Cake Box

Ritek RiData DVD±R Media - Ritek has manufactured DVD±R with the latest DVD manufacturing technology. Ritek was informed formally by DVD-Forum A-grade lab. to pass the certification of DVD±R 4.7GB General use. Ritek shows its innovative technology in DVD field. Ritek DVD±R delivers stunning video resolution and audio performance for multimedia.




Ridata DVD-RW uses an exclusive high quality Phase Change material in the recording layer that ensures reliable recording and playback. RIDATA DVD-R 6X media is certified for up to 6X DVD-RW recording speeds. Ideal for massive archival storage, duplication, network back-up, multimedia presentations and digital video/photography editing these DVD-R discs will prove useful for a wide array of projects.

Brand: Ridata/Ritek
Manufacturer Part: DRW-476-RDCB25
CUD Part Number: RID-RW47F6X25CB
UPC: 14719303522845
Media Type Format: DVD-RW, DVDRW Rewritable Discs Blank Media
Capacity: 4.7GB/120 Minutes
Surface Type: Full Logo (Branded) Silver Matte Surface
Speed Supported: 1X, 2X, 4X, 6X Certified Recordable
Quantity: 25pcs
Package: Cake Box Spindle
Carton: 250pcs per carton

• Excellent compatibility with writers and players
• Excellent for any general purpose data storages



• Book version: DVD Specifications for Re-recordable Disc Version 1.1
• Rewrites up to 1,000 times
• 7 times the storage capacity of CD-R
• Durable, long lasting archives
• Storage acceleration tests guarantee safe storage for more than 30 years
• Compatible with most leading readers and writers
• Utilizes premium organic dye that ensures stable writing with excellent quality
• Optimal solution for copying high quality video, sound, and large capacity data in both AV and PC systems
• Best UV resistance & heat resistance