LG GH22LP20 DVD±RW 22X DVD±RW/Dual Layer/CD-RW Black and Beige Face Plate Cover - PATA Lightscribe

Super Multi DVD Rewriter

Whether you’re watching DVDs or burning them, LG’s advanced technology works to optimize performance. Stay in control of your media with SecurDisc™ content access control, or create professional-looking labels on the fly with LightScribe.



Key Features
* 22x DVD±R Write Speed
* Double/Dual Layer Compatible
* SecurDisc™ Technology



22x DVD±R Write Speed
Back up your media with ultra-fast 22x DVD+R burning.

SecurDisc™ Technology
SecurDisc™ is an innovative technology giving users the means to protect and share data securely, via data protection and content access-control of your media.

Double/Dual Layer Compatible
Double/Dual discs give desktop users the ability to store the maximum amount of data on their DVDs, including up to 4 hours of high-quality video, bonus content, and other large media.