TDK Snap N' Save Cases 27MM PP Poly (Hold 10-Disc) Five Assort Colour x 4 Each Retail

Compact, durable and much easier to use. This 10 Disc Multi-Pack Five Assort Colour Poly Case. A perfect solution for collections and project files or compilations. Protect your CDs/DVDs/BLURAYs media.



This Durable CD/DVD/BLURAY case is ideal to protect your CDRs, DVDRs AND BLURAYs.
The same case is used by the major studios to protect their CDs/DVDs/BLURAYs.

Brand: TDK
Manufacturer Part: F10MC20
CUD Part Number: PP27-10MIX20
UPC: 0 20356 27852 6
Quality: A Grade
Material: Polypropylene Material
Capacity: 27mm 10-Disc
Surface Type: Five colour x 4 Each: Blue, Green, Purple, Red & Yellow
Quantity: Hold 10 disc
Package: Cardboard Box
Carton: 40pcs per carton

• 100% New Polypropylene material
• 27 millimeters thick
• Fits all audio and data CD, DVD or Blu-ray
• Shape: Square